OUR PHILOSOPHY - "Can't is temporary"

The coaching philosophy I employ with my athletes at CH Endurance is one of balance.


I believe that athletes reach their potential when their training reflects a combination of science and research-based techniques and the ability to tune into their bodies. I coach using various metrics including heart rate, perceived exertion, power, and pace depending on an athlete's experience, goals, interests, and the purpose of each individual workout. Some people are data-driven and others prefer to just feel it. I see value in both approaches and will work with you to find what is most comfortable for you while introducing you to new techniques to help you improve.

I also believe that an athlete will perform best when their life is in balance, so I work with my clients to help them integrate training into their lives in a harmonious way that really works. I encourage them to fuel their training with nutritious, healthy food and I integrate proper recovery time into their training plans. These factors help athletes to to avoid injury and keep the joy in triathlon going, which in turn motivates them to keep training, racing, and improving. ​

​Last but not least, I encourage my athletes to STRIVE. Strive beyond current limits, strive to grow and learn and strive to push yourself to discover potential you didn't know you had. "Can't is temporary" is my mantra. Just because you can't do something at this moment doesn't mean you won't be able to do it in the future. Your only limits are your dreams and goals. As your coach, I will help you find the path from where you are now in your endurance sport journey to where you dream of going in the future, whether it is your first race, an Ironman, a PR, or a Kona qualification. 

Athlete Accomplishments :

  • Multiple Ironman finishes

  • Multiple Ironman PR's

  • 11:30:31 finish on first time Ironman

  • Multiple age group and overall podium finishes at Sprint, Olympic, and 70.3 distance

  • First time finishes at all distances

  • Age group nationals qualifications for athletes in the 70+ division

  • PR's on half marathon, 10k, 5k, Ironman, 70.3, Olympic, and Sprint distance races

  • First time finishes on half marathon, quarter marathon, 10k, 5k

  • First time finish on ultramarathon (trail)

USAT Certified Triathlon Coach

Crystal is a multiple time Ironman, Kona Finisher, 2018 Ironman All World Athlete, and USAT Level 1 certified triathlon coach. 

Starting out in triathlon in 2012 with no swim, bike, or run experience, Crystal used consistent work, research, and dedicated training to move up through sprint, Olympic, 70.3, and Ironman race distances, earning her Ironman All World Athlete status in the 2017 season. Her history as a complete beginner in the sport, as well as her current accomplishments, give her the unique ability to appreciate the challenges present at each level of triathlon learning, as well as the knowledge and personal experience necessary to help clients work through them and continually improve. 

As a coach, Crystal values two-way communication with her athletes to ensure that you are learning and pushing your body and mind while staying safe and healthy. Whether you are a beginner or an Ironman Crystal will design training plans that will challenge you and teach you to push beyond the boundaries of what you previously thought possible, helping you build the skills and confidence to perform at your best on race day and remembering that training must fit into the context of your life, work, and family. 

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