CH Endurance 2020 Turkey Trot!

turkey pic cropped.jpg

Get your booty moving on Thanksgiving for a virtual 5k (or more!) Winners will be selected in the following categories, so plan ahead and bring your camera:
1. Best outfit
2. Best dramatic finish photo
3. Best GPS route (inspiration in photo below)

Your run must be at least a 5k but can be longer as well. Photos and/or GPS maps must be submitted to our esteemed panel of non-biased judges (aka my husband and my mom ) for consideration after completion!

If you would like to submit your finish time, please do so on the form below!
If you have photos of your costume, finish photo, or GPS map to submit that you would like to submit for judging, please email them to

All entries for finish time and photos must be submitted by the end of the day on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday 11/26. Good luck trotters!

Submit Finish Time 

Happy Thanksgiving from CH Endurance! Thanks for participating!