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3 Workouts for Christmas Fun!

Christmas week is a good time to get some extra rest, enjoy some delicious food and spend time with the ones you love, and get into the spirit of the season. But just in case you'd like to get outdoors and get some fresh holiday air in your lungs, here are a few fun, Christmas-themed run workouts to get your heart pumping! Made up of 12's and 25's to celebrate the date and a special carol-based long run, these workouts are both challenging AND cheerful!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from CH Endurance !

1-HOUR TEMPO 12/25 Warm up with 7:00 starting at easy jog and gradually finding easy, comfortable pace, then 3 intervals of 20 sec of faster running followed by 40 seconds relaxed jog.

MAIN SET: 12:00 at 85% effort - this should feel quite challenging by the end of the interval, but not maximum effort.

(3:00 easy recovery jog)

25:00 at 80% effort - on the upper end of comfortable pace - your breathing should deepen and your heart rate should increase, but you shouldn't be gasping for air. You could still talk at this effort level, but only a few sentences at a time.

Cool down last 10:00 starting at 75% effort, comfortable pace, and gradually decreasing effort level to be very easy for last 5:00.

40-MINUTE SPEED INTERVALS 2 12's to make 25

Warm up with 7:00 starting at easy jog and gradually finding easy, comfortable pace, then 3 intervals of 20 sec of faster running followed by 40 seconds relaxed jog.

MAIN SET: 25:00 made up of 12's, each 12:00 divided into 3's - for the 3 shepherds and the 3 wisemen!

12:00 as:

3:00 at 85% effort - challenging effort, then 1:00 easy. 3:00 at 90% effort - very challenging effort, breathing should be labored by end of interval, 1:00 easy.

3:00 at 95% effort - close to max effort, 1:00 easy.

1:00 additional easy recovery.

12:00 as:

3:00 at 95%, 1:00 easy.

3:00 at 90%, 1:00 easy.

3:00 at 85%, 1:00 easy.

Cool down with 5:00 at very easy, relaxed pace, breathing deeply.

12 Days of Christmas Long Run (1:33:00)

Use the classic Christmas song as a guide for this fun long run combining technique focus and some interval work!

Warm up first 10:00 at easy pace.

MAIN SET: 12:00 Drummers drumming: think about a drum beat as you focus on cadence. Count your footfalls for ONE FOOT for 30 seconds, then multiply by 2. Aim for around 90. You may need to adjust your stride length to be a little shorter and quicker if you're significantly lower than that.

11:00 Pipers Piping: focus on your pipes! Take note of your breath. Are you breathing on a 3 count with your footfalls? A 4-count? Do you consistently start your inhale on your right or left foot? Does it change? See if you can slow your heart rate down by breathing deeply.

10:00 Lords a Leaping: focus on your stride! Notice where your foot is in relation to your body when it makes first contact with the ground? If it's out in front of you (usually heel strike), you're applying the brakes with every stride! See if you can make contact right underneath your hips.

9:00 Ladies dancing: like a dancer, be aware of your body position! Engage your core, make sure you're not bending forward at the waist. If anything, aim for a forward lean from the ankle.

8:00 Maids a Milking: Here is your first faster interval! 8:00 at 80% effort - on the challenging side of moderate, not so much that you're gasping for air.

7:00 Swans a Swimming: like a swan, we're going to work on grace! Take the effort level down to a comfortable pace, and try to minimize your vertical bouncing. Forward lean can help with this.

6:00 Geese a Laying: Back up to speed! 6:00 at 85% effort - challenging effort but maintainable.

5:00 Golden Rings: Gold medal pace - fastest interval of the run today! Pick it up to 85-90% effort for 5:00.

4:00 Calling Birds: recovery so you can sing like a song bird - easy effort for 4:00.

3:00 French Hens: Bump the effort back up, but just a little - 80% effort.

2:00 Turtle doves: turtles are slow, doves are peaceful - take their lead and do 2:00 easy recovery pace.

1:00 Partridge in a Pear Tree: Final hurrah, 1 minute at back up at 85% effort!

Cool down 5:00 very easy. Great job!

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